TFP Institutsseminar

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    Dienstag, 13.00-14.00 Uhr

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    Garst, Rockstuhl

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Investigation of noncollinear spin textures' stabilization and dynamics in chiral magnet by Brillouin light scattering

TFP Institutsseminar


Ping Che


19.12.2023 13:10


Room 11.01.02, Bldg. 30.23 CS


Laboratoire Albert Fert, CNRS, Thales, Université Paris-Saclay


Markus Garst


Chiral magnets hosting non-collinear spin textures such as the magnetic skyrmion lattice (SkL) and chiral solitons (CSL) [1,2] provide novel functionality in magnonics because of the formation of bandgaps in the magnon band structures and asymmetric magnon dispersion relations [3]. Collective spin excitations in bulk Cu2OSeO3 show a complex series of resonances due to multiple domains of different phases and the confinement effects [4]. Hence, it is challenging to get a one-to-one correspondence between a specific noncollinear phase and detected magnons. In this talk, I will show the stabilization of multiple SkL and CSL phases by continues-waved laser and the their magnon excitations locally detected by scanning micro-focus Brillouin light scattering (BLS) in bulk Cu2OSeO3. Our observations of locally excited high-wavevector thermal magnons suggest that the special selection rules and high sensitivity of BLS is helpful to bring out the resonances of both uniform and non-uniform skyrmion resonances and deepen the understanding of the noncollinear spin texture dynamics in a chiral magnet. It paves the way for further design of magnonic devices based on chiral magnets.

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