Nonlinear optics

The opportunity to tremendously increase the local electromagnetic field holds great promises to drive nonlinear processes much more efficient. In addition, the strong localization of electromagnetic fields in space and the freedom to tune the dispersion relation of the eigenmodes sustained by the system by choosing a suitable geometry constitutes a great potential both for basic science and applications to tailor the nonlinear processes.  Unique to plasmonic system is the possibility to drive extrinsic nonlinear process efficient, i.e. processes occurring in systems where the nonlinear response is brought in to by a surrounding dielectric material, e.g. LiNbO3. But also the intrinsic nonlinearity of metals is yet poorly understood and deserves attention.

Presently, we focus in our group on studying the nonlinear response of metallic nanoantennas and extend available numerical routines to take into account nonlinear materials on rigorous grounds. We also study nonlinear metamaterials where various effects eventually appear counterintuitive due to the unique dispersive properties of these materials.