Optical Nanoantennas

Optical nanoantennas allow to mediate radiation from an external source to a nanoscopic region or may assist a nanometric light source to emit efficiently into the far-field; depending on whether it is operated as a receiver or emitter. Optical nanoantennas often resemble geometries from their counterparts at radio-frequency, but may also possess entirely new geometries. Since metals in the visible, from which most optical nanoantennas are made, can no longer be considered as perfect conductors, their plasmonic character needs to be fully respected. This constitutes a fascinating scientific playground with many implications for other streams of research in our group.


Presently, we focus in our group on developing analytical models for the design of optical nanoantennas that reliable predict all their properties, study the opportunities novel materials such as graphene do provide us, and investigate the interaction of nanoantennas with other nanoscopic systems.