Former Group Members

Name Title Work
Xuchen Wang Dr. PostDoc: Light propagation in photonic time crystals
Dominik Beutel Dr. PhD student: A holistic framework for electromagnetic scattering simulations based on the T-matrix method
Prerak Dhawan Dr. PhD student: Light trapping using correlated disordered media for planarized solar cells
Aristeidis Lamprianidis Dr. PhD student: Generalized transition matrix methods for the analysis of linear nanophotonic systems
Nanda Perdana Dr. PhD student: Broadband Thin Film Absorber Based on Plasmonic Nanoparticles
Lukas Freter M.Sc. Master student: Light Matter Interaction in Tensor Product Spaces
Alejandro Luna Díaz M.Sc Master student: Second Harmonic Generation simulations in molecular crystalline materials
Pascal Scherer M.Sc. Master student: Towards the inverse design of T-matrices using the finite-difference time-domain method
Christoph Wilhelm M.Sc. Master student: Far Fields from Different Dipolar Emissions near a MoS2 monolayer

Ramakrishna Venkitakrishnan

Dr. PhD student: On the Physical Significance of Strong Spatial Dispersion
Lina Kuhn M.Sc. Master student: Inverse Design of Spherical Scatterers Using Artificial Neural Networks
Florian Reuter M.Sc. Master student: Transformations of the T-matrix under the Poincaré group 
Marvin Müller Dr. PhD student: Electronic and photonic excitations in graphene nanostructures and hybrid systems
Aso Rahimzadegan Dr. PhD student: Multipolar Analysis of Ordered and Disorderd Metasurfaces
Lukas Materne M.Sc Master student: Development and Application of Computational Methods for the Simulation of Vibrational Optical Properties of Molecular Systems
Linus Schulte  B.Sc Bachelor student: The Collective Coordinate Method to simplify simulations of hyperuniform nanodisk interfaces
Daniel Sitter B.Sc Bachelor student: Selective excitation of single or multiple particles by structured light
Rasoul Alaee   Dr. PostDoc: Light scattering in complex systems and using structured light
Theodosios Karamanos Dr. PostDoc: Analytical theory of metasurfaces and light propagation in disordered photonic materials
Xavier Garcia-Santiago Dr. PostDoc: Development and application of tools for the inverse design of photonic nanostructures
Luisa Arango B.Sc Bachelor student: Inferenz von elektromagnetischen Feldern im Zeitbereich mittels neuronalen Netzen
Evgeniia Slivina Dr. PhD student: Anti-Reflective Dielectric Nanostructures for Solar Cells Analyzed from Helicity Preservation Perspective
Patrick Golz M.Sc Master student: Algorithm for the efficient structural and parameter optimization of postselection-based quantum optical circuits
Elias Kunzweiler B.Sc Bachelor student: Homogenization of Chiral Metamaterials
Aso Rahimzadegan Dr. PhD student: Multipolar Analysis of Ordered and Disorderd Metasurfaces
Taavi Repän Dr. PostDoc: Development and application of neural networks to nanooptical problems
Martin Mäck M.Sc. Master student: Quantification Of Symmetry Breaking In Arrays
Juan Ramón Deop Ruano M.Sc. Master student: Modifying the optical properties of molecules with strong electric fields
Benedikt Zerulla M.Sc. Master student: Enhancement of chiral response with polymer-based periodic photonic structures
Qin Su M.Sc. Master student: Optimization of quantum optical circuits for state preparation by hybrid machine learning methods
Jens Oppermann M.Sc. Master student: Quantum Many-Body Phenomena in Optical Whispering Gallery Mode Resonators
Xavier García Santiago Dr. PhD student: Numerical Methods for Shape Optimization of Photonic Nanostructures 
Joshua McCauley M.Sc. Master student: Interaction Between Graphene Nanoflakes and Adatoms
Changhyoup Lee Dr. PostDoc: Quantum optics in nanostructured systems with emphasis on quantum metrology
Maria Paszkiewicz M.Sc. Master student: Calculation of losses in freeform waveguides
Oliver Kuster B.Sc. Bachelor student: A machine learning based optimiser for nanophotonic inverse design
Katharina Goth M.Sc. Master student: Reducing reflection losses in perovskite silicon tandem solar cells by introducing nanophotonic front contacts
Timon Höß B.Sc. Bachelor student: Nonlocal effects in particle arrays with multipolar resonances
Pascal Scherer B.Sc. Bachelor student: Topology optimization of optical cavities using neural networks
Niels Gieseler B.Sc. Bachelor student: Optical Force and Torque on Self-Stabilizing Curved Metasurfaces
Kai Pieper Dr. PhD student: Wege zum Verständnis des Kohärenzbegriffs anhand geeigneter Experimente
Karim Mnasri Dr. PhD student: Modeling Optical Metamaterials with Strong Spatial Dispersion
Andreas Vetter Dr. PhD student: Resolution enhancement in mask aligner photolithography
Christina Ioannou B.Sc. Bachelor student: Improving the precision of transmission circular dichroism measurement with quantum resources
Radius Nagassa Setyo Suryadharma Dr. PhD student: T-matrix Method for the Analysis of Electromagnetic Scattering
Fernando Negredo   PhD student: Photonic wirebonding
Mirko Göddel M.Sc. Master student: Design of optical hybrid nanoantennas for dispersion mediated photon-photon coupling
Stefan Nanz Dr. PhD student: Tailored Light Scattering and Emission in Solar Cells and LEDs Using Ordered and Disordered Interfaces
Joel Macht B.Sc. Bachelor student: Diskussion des Energie-Impuls-Tensors in anisotropen Medien
David Dams B.Sc. Bachelor student: Investigating the impact of Ohmic loss on the optical response of dielectric metasurfaces
Pablo Schmid B.Sc. Bachelor student: Quantum state engineering by multiphoton catalysis with Gaussian states
Patrizia Stehle M.Sc. Master student: Electromagnetic chirality of an isotropic, chiral, spherical scatterer depending on its material properties and geometry
Youngsun Yun M.Sc. Master student: Single-photon spectrometer with superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors implemented in cascaded photonic crystal nanocavities
Aimi Abass Dr. PostDoc: Light in nanostructured materials
Achim Groner M.Sc. Master student: Analysing diffraction from periodically arranged scatterers while considering their T-Matrix
Jakob Straubel Dr. PhD student: Light-Matter Interaction in Hybrid Quantum Plasmonic Systems
Surya Revanth Ayyagari   Research Internship: Training of Deep Neural Networks
Florian Graf M.Sc. Master student: Electromagnetically Dual Nanostructures for Enhanced Circular Dichroism Spectroscopy
Joshua Feis B.Sc. Bachelor student: Surface Plasmon Polaritons Sustained at the Interface of Nonlocal Metamaterials
Julian Münzberg M.Sc. Master student: Superconducting nanowire single photon detector implemented with a 2D photonic crystal cavity
Muluneh Geremew M.Sc. Master student: Thermodynamics of photon management in solar cells
Jens Küchenmeister Dr. Assistance in education of teachers
David Schmidt B.Sc. Bachelor student: Numerical analysis of light scattering of spheres above substrates
Kevin Müller M.Sc. Visiting PhD student: Modal theories for the description of metasurfaces
Janine von Hodenberg Dipl.-Phys. Diploma student: Actuation and interaction of bianisotropic particles with light
Andreas Schiemenz B.Sc. Bachelor student: Die Abraham-Minkowski-Kontroverse: Über die Anforderungen des Energie-Impuls-Tensors und Impulse in dielektrischer Materie
Martin Fruhnert Dr. PhD student: Optics in Self-Assembled Metamaterials
Steffen Alexander Schmid M.Sc. Master student: Plasmonic Nanoparticles Coupled to Whispering Gallery Mode Resonators for Sensing Applications
Ismail A. Rahman M.Sc. Master student: Backscattering suppression beyond Kerker condition of duality
Mona Gärtner   Staatsexamensarbeit: Entwicklung eines Online-Lernportals für Schüler
Mirko Göddel B.Sc. Bachelor student: Manipulation of molecular higher order transitions using dielectric nanoantennas
Rasoul Alaee Dr. PhD student: Optical Nanoantennas and Their Use as Perfect Absorbers
Hui-Hsin Hsiao Dr. Visiting PostDoc: Simulation of nonlinear nanoplasmonic devices
Evgenia Rusak M.Sc. Master student: Description of hybrid optical nanosystems: Quantum emitters coupled to optical nanoantennas
Giuseppe Toscano Dr. PostDoc: Hydrodynamic description of plasmonic nanostructures
Karolina Slowik Dr. PostDoc: Hybrid quantum-photonic nanosystems
Alexander Kwiatkowski M.Sc. Master student: Optical Properties of Surface Plasmons at the Nano-Scale