Quantum optics

Quantum optics, especially in the context of light-matter interaction, is a final research subject in our group which is intimately linked to our other streams of research. It is well known that the properties of atoms are not given for granted but they do depend on the local optical environment as perceived by the atoms. This is something we try to beneficially exploit and to affect by studying the interaction of atomic systems with optical nanostructures. As atoms we would like to understand any nanoscopic systems that require a quantum mechanical treatment to access its internal dynamics.


Presently, we focus in our group on studying the possibility to tune the emission rates of molecules at THz frequencies using tunable graphene nanoantennas, explaining the effect of surface enhanced infrared absorption, and discussing the resonant fluorescence emission spectrum of molecules. In close collaborations with theoretical chemists, we also seek for opportunities to bridge exact electrodynamic simulations with a rigorous quantum chemical treatment.