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Seminar über Theoretische Festkörperphysik

Seminar über Theoretische Festkörperphysik

Mo 14.00-15.30




Mirlin, Rockstuhl, Schmalian, Schön, Shnirman

Vorträge im Sommersemester 2018
Datum Vortragender Titel
16.04.2018 Frank Schindler Probing many-body localization with neural networks
23.04.2018 Yasuhiro Utsumi Full counting statistics of information content and the optimum capacity
30.04.2018 Andrey Bagrov Holographic local quench and effective complexity
07.05.2018 Dr. Ivan Fernandez Corbaton Exploring and exploiting symmetry breaking measures
14.05.2018 Jens Paaske Cooper Pair Induced Frustration and Nematicity of Two-Dimensional Magnetic Adatom Lattices
04.06.2018 Elio Koenig Quantum field theory of nematic transitions in spin orbit coupled spin-1 polar bosons
09.07.2018 Oleg Sushkov Nature of the spin liquid phase in lightly doped cuprate superconductors
16.07.2018 Alexey Lunkin SYK model with quadratic perturbations: the route to a non-Fermi-liquid
23.07.2018 Z. D. Kvon HgTe based topological insulators