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Former Group Members

Name Title Work
Julian Münzberg M.Sc. Master student: Superconducting nanowire single photon detector implemented with a 2D photonic crystal cavity
Muluneh Geremew M.Sc. Master student: Thermodynamics of photon management in solar cells
Jens Küchenmeister Dr. Assistance in education of teachers
David Schmidt B.Sc. Bachelor student: Numerical analysis of light scattering of spheres above substrates
Kevin Müller M.Sc. Visiting PhD student: Modal theories for the description of metasurfaces
Janine von Hodenberg Dipl.-Phys. Diploma student: Actuation and interaction of bianisotropic particles with light
Andreas Schiemenz B.Sc. Bachelor student: Die Abraham-Minkowski-Kontroverse: Über die Anforderungen des Energie-Impuls-Tensors und Impulse in dielektrischer Materie
Martin Fruhnert Dr. PhD student: Optics in Self-Assembled Metamaterials
Steffen Alexander Schmid M.Sc. Master student: Plasmonic Nanoparticles Coupled to Whispering Gallery Mode Resonators for Sensing Applications
Ismail A. Rahman M.Sc. Master student: Backscattering suppression beyond Kerker condition of duality
Mona Gärtner   Staatsexamensarbeit: Entwicklung eines Online-Lernportals für Schüler
Mirko Göddel B.Sc. Bachelor student: Manipulation of molecular higher order transitions using dielectric nanoantennas
Rasoul Alaee Dr. PhD student: Optical Nanoantennas and Their Use as Perfect Absorbers
Hui-Hsin Hsiao Dr. Visiting PostDoc: Simulation of nonlinear nanoplasmonic devices
Evgenia Rusak M.Sc. Master student: Description of hybrid optical nanosystems: Quantum emitters coupled to optical nanoantennas
Giuseppe Toscano Dr. PostDoc: Hydrodynamic description of plasmonic nanostructures
Karolina Slowik Dr. PostDoc: Hybrid quantum-photonic nanosystems
Alexander Kwiatkowski M.Sc. Master student: Optical Properties of Surface Plasmons at the Nano-Scale