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MA Radius Nagassa Suryadharma

Gruppe: Rockstuhl
Raum: 08-14
Tel.: +49 721 608-46949
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  1. Disorder-Induced Phase Transitions in the Transmission of Dielectric Metasurfaces.
    Rahimzadegan, A.; Arslan, D.; Suryadharma, R. N. S.; Fasold, S.; Falkner, M.; Pertsch, T.; Staude, I.; Rockstuhl, C.
    2019. Physical review letters, 122 (1), Art. Nr.: 015702. doi:10.1103/PhysRevLett.122.015702
  1. Achieving Highly Stable, Reversibly Reconfigurable Plasmonic Nanocrystal Superlattices through the Use of Semifluorinated Surface Ligands.
    Bagiński, M.; Tomczyk, E.; Vetter, A.; Suryadharma, R. N. S.; Rockstuhl, C.; Lewandowski, W.
    2018. Chemistry of materials, 30 (22), 8201–8210. doi:10.1021/acs.chemmater.8b03331
  2. Predicting Observable Quantities of Self-Assembled Metamaterials from the T-Matrix of Its Constituting Meta-Atom.
    Suryadharma, R.; Rockstuhl, C.
    2018. Materials, 11 (2), Art.Nr. 213. doi:10.3390/ma11020213
  1. Studying plasmonic resonance modes of hierarchical self-assembled meta-atoms based on their transfer matrix.
    Suryadharma, R. N. S.; Fruhnert, M.; Fernandez-Corbaton, I.; Rockstuhl, C.
    2017. Physical review / B, 96 (4), Art. Nr. 045406. doi:10.1103/PhysRevB.96.045406
  2. Hybridizing whispering gallery modes and plasmonic resonances in a photonic metadevice for biosensing applications.
    Klusmann, C.; Suryadharma, R. N. S.; Oppermann, J.; Rockstuhl, C.; Kalt, H.
    2017. Journal of the Optical Society of America / B, 34 (7), D46-D55. doi:10.1364/JOSAB.34.000D46
  3. Singular-value decomposition for electromagnetic-scattering analysis.
    Suryadharma, R. N. S.; Fruhnert, M.; Rockstuhl, C.; Fernandez-Corbaton, I.
    2017. Physical review / A, 95 (5), Art. Nr. 053834. doi:10.1103/PhysRevA.95.053834
  1. Photonic states mixing beyond the plasmon hybridization model.
    Suryadharma, R. N. S.; Iskandar, A. A.; Tjia, M.-O.
    2016. Journal of applied physics, 120 (4), Art.Nr.:043105. doi:10.1063/1.4959258